Agri-Coat is an emulsion combining high-performance acrylic resins in water. This special acrylic combination presents a high-performance sealing acrylic that, when applied to porous substrates such as concrete or masonry surfaces, will fill and seal itself securely with the substrate. Two full coats of Agri-Coat may have to be used if the concrete is extremely porous and absorbs the coating. The other acrylic in the combination helps to toughen the sealing film to stop moisture penetration on walls and/or roofing. This resin combination is designed to withstand ponding water on roofing, if so required. Agri-Coat tenaciously adheres to metal, wood, fiberglass and all other substrates, as well. It contains no co-solvents and will dry by evaporation, completely curing in one week to a durable, very flexible, non-yellowing, water-resistant coating that is ultraviolet-stable.

Agri-Coat was designed to meet the needs of an exterior roof or wall coating that requires flexibility, yet has a need for some toughness. Able to withstand the structural and thermal stress experienced by temperature/climate or seasonal swings. The heat reflective ability provided by Agri-Coat was designed from several ceramic compounds that were tested individually, then combined to achieve the outstanding heat reflection achieved with Agri-Coat. Using two specific acrylic resins gives tremendous adhesion in all climates while allowing wide swings in temperature variations and accepting humid climates without adhesion loss, cracking/peeling, and it provides mold- and mildew-protection. Agri-Coatwill demonstrate a significantly tougher surface than the designated "elastomeric" reflective coatings in the market.

Agri-Coat has been improved from its original formulation to incorporate two (2) additional ceramics, creating insulative capabilities similar to SUPER THERM in addition to the reflective traits.

Surfaces must be clean and dry before application. Loose or flaking old paints or corrosion must be removed from surfaces before applying. High pressure water-blasting is as effective as light sandblasting in removing loose or flaking surfaces As a rule "a coating is only as good as the surface it covers." Grease, oil, waxy substances, dirt, etc. must be cleaned from surfaces. Old paints can remain if bonded solidly to surfaces. Agri-Coat can bond to metal, masonry, wood and other porous surface substrates. Agri-Coat can be applied best by airless or air pot spray, roller and by brush. If rolling, it may take two coats to apply required mils. Spraying requires a steel carbon top of sizes .028 up to a .032 tip (remove filters from spray equipment to avoid sifting ceramic particles). Rolling is best applied with a -inch nap roller. Do not apply very thick on a single coat. If thickness is desired, apply in multiple coats. A thick coat will allow the top coating surface to dry before the bottom, creating cracks in the coating.

If solution does come in contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and contact a physician for medical attention. Avoid prolonged contact with skin or breathing of spray mist, for quickest removal from skin, wash with water before product dries.


46% solid, 14 wet mil coat; 6 dry mil coat
Dry time: 1 hr-touch/4 hrs-recoat 7 days--full cure
Spread: 100 sq.ft. per gallon = 7 dry mils
150% Elongation / Flexibility: 180 bend test
Hail-resistance to cracking
Weathering: Ability to last a minimum of 10 years
Fungal/ Mildew-resistance
Noticeable sound-deadening qualities
VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) is 67 grams/liter
California environmental maximum required upper limit 420 grams/liter
Agri-Coat is extremely health and environmentally safe.
Viscosity: 105-110 KU / PH: 8.5-9.0
Density: 11.27 lb. per gallon / R-equivalency of 11

Unless Manufacturer provides a written warranty of fitness for a particular use, Manufacturer's sole warranty is that the product, as supplied, will meet then current sales specifications and is specific only to return of product found to be defective upon opening of container within one year. Customer's exclusive remedy and Manufacturer's sole liability for breach of warranty is limited to refund of the purchase price or replacement of any product shown to be other than as warranted and Manufacturer expressly disclaims any liability for incidental or consequential damages.

Urethane roofing/metal roofing/membrane roofing……….100 sq.ft./gallon
Composition shingle roofing…………………………….….100 sq.ft./gallon
Concrete………………………………………………..…….100 sq.ft./gallon, 2 coat minimum
Interior and exterior wall applications…………………..….150-200 sq.ft./gallon

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