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DEEP SEAL PLUS, a Colloidal Silicate subsurface membrane plus Surface Repellent Treatment. DEEP SEAL PLUS is an especially formulated aqueous siliconate component, cloudy-white in color (dries clear), odorless, non-petroleum, colloidal liquid which is environmentally neutral and user friendly.


DEEP SEAL PLUS as a Sealer:

When applied to wet, green Portland cement concrete, DEEP SEAL PLUS integrally waterproofs, densifies and preserves, attributes beneficial to concrete. DEEP SEAL PLUS seals the concrete both internally and externally. Its provides a tough breathable barrier just beneath the concrete's surface porosity top and on the surface of the concrete. It provides both vertical and horizontal surfaces more resistance against cracking and spalling during freeze thaw cycles. It provides concrete an effective ion barrier that preserves its imbedded steel. It effectively removes the potential for future hostile contamination ingress, while significantly reducing vapor transmission rate potential, effectively preserving the treated concrete's integrity. The DEEP SEAL PLUS is deposited to protect the surface. As DEEP SEAL PLUS penetrates to extraordinary depths, depending on concrete's permeability factor and etc., it reacts with interior ingredients such as free alkali or unused calcium hydroxide residue and prolifically converts DEEP SEAL PLUS'S unusually low solids colloidal liquid to a 100% solids insoluble precipitant. It instantly provides added density and becomes an integral part of the concrete by occupying its accessible porosity and other tiny voids.  It forms a breathable barrier which begins in concrete transitional porosity and its small microporosity. The uniquely induced precipitant barrier does not generate any heat during its conversion from liquids to solids, nor expansion pressures at any time. It significantly decreases the potential vapor gas transmission rate. Because the internally generated barrier has extremely small porosity, it alleviates or eliminates transmission of gases such as radon, forcing them to seek other avenues of escape rather than passing through the concrete.

DEEP SEAL PLUS is an excellent primer application for surface toppings, paints, adhesives, etc. It addresses the reasons of potential early coating failures such as capillary / alkaline moisture, saponification, laitance, poor surface adhesion, etc. DEEP SEAL PLUS is also an excellent chloride barrier.


DEEP SEAL PLUS is an excellent alternative concrete curing method providing a cure equal or better than water curing. It provides the usual benefits of a curing agent, plus it provides special ingredients to the yet available capillary mix water waiting to participate in the hydration reaction process, in the plastic or semi plastic concrete, reciprocating acceleration of hydration's reaction rates. This in turn generates increased volumes of cement paste or hydration product in a much shorter time. It utilizes all of the remaining capillary water leaving none to later evaporate and create void spaces. As a result, the concrete's capillary void spaces become more segmented and smaller than usual. DEEP SEAL PLUS provides concrete a superior cure imparting extraordinary strength, surface hardness and impermeability and subsequent maximum durability. DEEP SEAL PLUS Cure Method provides concrete with a permanent subsurface, specially formulated, colloidal liquid precipitate barrier. Its pore sizes are smaller than concrete's micropores even further diminishing permeability DEEP SEAL PLUS forces gases such as radon, to seek other avenues of escape than through concrete's capillary system. DEEP SEAL PLUS Cure Method does not leave a surface residue to interfere with surface bonding quality. It produces concrete that is significantly more internally waterproofed, freeze-thaw damage resistant, dust resistant and acid/chemical resistant.

Limitations: DEEP SEAL PLUS contacting glass should be rinsed off without being allowed to dry, since glass can become etched.

DEEP SEAL PLUS may dull the shine on shiny aluminum, however, its integrity is otherwise unaffected. Do not apply DEEP SEAL PLUS to frozen concrete or when ambient temperature is at 35F and expected to drop shortly.

Wait at least 24 hours before applying paint , adhesives or other coatings that have been treated with DEEP SEAL PLUS.


On Already-Set Concrete:

NOTE.. In hot climates, mist-wet the surface with water and remove any puddles prior to application.

Apply DEEP SEAL PLUS using a medium to high-pressure airless paint spray unit, with fan spray tip. Holding spray tip 6 inches from surface, apply DEEP SEAL PLUS at the rate of 200 sq. feet per gallon with an overlapping spray pattern of approximately 20% to 30%. Actual DEEP SEAL PLUS volume used may vary, depending on concrete's permeability factor, etc. Do not puddle or buildup can occur, causing a darkening effect.

DEEP SEAL PLUS application should begin at lowest point in elevation. For example, walls or steep slopes should be applied side to side, from the bottom up.

As a Cure Method:

Apply DEEP SEAL PLUS with a low-pressure non-atomizing, spray apparatus such as a pump-tank sprayer or mechanical cure slurry pump, or alternatively by flooding-on. Apply DEEP SEAL PLUS to the newly placed surface as soon as is practical following its surface finishing phase.

DEEP SEAL PLUS application should begin at the lowest point in elevation. For example, walls and slopes should be applied side to side, from the bottom up

For Broom finished concrete the minimum recommended coverage is 150 to 200 sq. feet per gallon.

For Hard or Steel troweled concrete the minimum recommended coverage rate is 300 to 350 sq. feet per gallon.


  1. Any coatings that may restrict access to the concretes interior must be chemically or mechanically removed for DEEP SEAL PLUS to penetrate.
  2. Protect areas not intended for coverage.
  3. Use only on green (new) or recently poured, clean concrete. DEEP SEAL PLUS will seal in any visible stains and will purge any hidden contaminants to the surface while sealing them in.
  4. Do Not allow DEEP SEAL PLUS puddle or buildup can occur, causing a darkening effect.
  5. DEEP SEAL PLUS may etch glass or dull shiny aluminum and can be difficult to remove from other surfaces once it dries.
  6. Do not apply on frozen substrate or when temperature is near freezing.
  7. DEEP SEAL PLUS’s spray mist is not hazardous to breathe. However, we do recommend the use of a face mask during application. Refer to MSDS.


  • Physical: Liquid
  • Color: Cloudy-white (dries clear)
  • Odor: None
  • pH: 12
  • Flammability: None
  • Hazardous Vapors: None
  • Clean-up Solvent: Water
  • U.V. Resistance: Excellent
  • Surface Bond Quality: Excellent
  • Chloride Screen ability: Excellent
  • VOC/VOS Compliant: YES


  • Significantly Densifies Concrete
  • Internally Waterproofs Concrete
  • Externally Repels Water
  • Prevents Efflorescence Flotation
  • Inhibits Vapor Transmission
  • Makes Concrete More Durable
  • Greatly Diminishes Permeability
  • Enhances Surface Traction Quality
  • Greater Surface Bondability
  • Provides Internal Humidity Stability
  • Integrally Preserves Concretes Integrity
  • Resists Freeze-Thaw Damage
  • Improves Thermal Resistance (R-Factor)
  • Increases Acid / Chemical Resistance
  • Lowers Chemical Reaction Potential
  • Lowers Creep Deformation Potential

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