FAIL SAFE ONE is a user-friendly, environmentally safe, white (clear-drying), non-flammable; liquid penetrant that is non-toxic (has zero VOC / VOS).  FAIL SAFE ONE in liquid form has practically nil solids and readily penetrates extremely deep into concrete, using concretes many paths of reticulation, depositing internally produced colloidal silicate residual (gel) that subsequently forms an insoluble unique 100%  solids contaminant barrier, as FAIL SAFE ONE contacts constituents of concrete, i.e., portland cement ingredients.  This 100% solids sub-surface contaminant barrier contains its very own extremely tiny pore network, uniquely, and effectively, mimicking the pouring of concrete inside of concrete.  FAIL SAFE ONE will even travel into concrete against water flow (hydrostatic pressure leakage, etc.,) to permanently stop water / free moisture leakage, if any,  etc.

FAIL SAFE ONE does not adversely affect concretes visual appearance, physical characteristics, surface traction quality, or surface bond quality, meaning FAIL SAFE ONE can effectively be used to enhance any portland cement concrete installation, whether traffic-bearing or not.  FAIL SAFE ONE is ideal for use on all street or highway pavements, i.e., bridge decks, parking decks, airport pavements, dams, sidewalks, driveways, pavers,  etc., to preserve and extend performance criteria, as well as useful lifespan.

  • Some Advantages of FAIL SAFE ONE
  • Concrete receives an integral waterproofing, even against internal migration
  • An effective and immediate halt to contaminant ingress from any direction
  • Significantly and immediately increases concretes density
  • Increases and / or reinforces concretes compression and flexural strengths
  • Immediately significantly diminishes permeability
  • Greatly lowers and / or eliminates water or gas vapor emissions
  • Virtually eliminates vapors such as radon,  etc.
  • Internally produces an effective permanent colloidal silicate barrier
  • Effectively halts / prevents alkali-silicate reactions in new or old concrete
  • Eliminates dusting potential for new or old concrete
  • Provides significant additional surface abrasion resistance
  • Provides increased surface bond quality without detriment to traction quality
  • Eliminates delayed etteringite formation (DEF) potential,  etc.


  • Non-Toxic
  • Zero VOC or VOS Content
  • Environmentally Safe
  • User Friendly
  • Odorless
  • Non-Flammable

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