FAIL SAFE TWO is a proprietary blend of acrylate in an aqueous dispersion, which readily penetrates deeply into concrete and once absorbed, becomes part of the internal structure of the concrete.  FAIL SAFE TWO become an integral part of the concretes substructure; it also protects the surface by providing a protective opaque flexible polymer film coating which durably and tenaciously adheres to the treated concrete's surface after drying.

FAIL SAFE TWO chemically provides deep subsurface water / moisture barrier, while at the same time, providing a flexible vapor-barrier coating on the surface, the simultaneous action of these two barriers combined, quickly and easily lowers concrete's water vapor rate emissions.  FAIL SAFE TWO is excellent as a single application stand-alone product, when used as a vapor reduction treatment for concrete slabs/floors of 6 pounds of moisture vapor emissions per 24 hours per 1000 square feet, or less, as measured by ASTM F-1869 Calcium Chloride Test.  A single application will usually lower the emission rate from 6 pounds to 3 or below within 48 hours, or less.  By reducing the levels of moisture and alkalinity FAIL SAFE TWO provides additional protection helping to ensure the performance of any flooring material installed.  Note: Where emission rates are higher that 6 pounds a pretreatment application of DEEP SEAL is recommended.

FAIL SAFE TWO render the treated concrete surfaces stronger, more abrasive, acid, and chemical resistant, as well as, freeze-thaw damage resistant.  Some other attributes that FAIL SAFE TWO provides to concrete are that it provides internal humidity stability, preserves matrix integrity, improves thermal resistance, adds density, increases strengths, lowers creep deformation potential, and etc.  FAIL SAFE TWO may also be applied to concrete at any time during its useful lifespan.

For application of FAIL SAFE TWO, concrete floor must be clean and free of all residual adhesives, dirt, grease, curing compounds similar etc.  FAIL SAFE TWO is normally applied by pouring directly onto concrete's surface, then uniformly spreading it, at the rate of about 350-400 square feet per gallon, using a medium to long nap paint roller (do not spray on).  While spreading FAIL SAFE TWO onto concrete's surface, a portion of FAIL SAFE TWO deeply penetrates into the concrete while another portion adheres to its surface, later being allowed to thoroughly dry, and be covered by flooring material.  FAIL SAFE TWO dries non-tacky, usually within a 24-hour period.


FAIL SAFE TWO liquid must not be allowed to dry on glass or contact shiny aluminum, and should be removed, prior to drying, using water.  Once dried, FAIL SAFE TWO is extremely difficult to remove from surface.  FAIL SAFE TWO incidental contact with skin is not dangerous / hazardous; therefore, special clothing is not required.  Avoid eye contact, should eye contact be made anyway, rinse eye thoroughly, seek medical attention should irritation develop.  If ingested, drink lots of clean potable water, induce vomiting, and seek medical attention.  FAIL SAFE TWO has a minor, almost insignificant trace of VOC, and is well within the safe use range.  For more information read Material Safety Data Sheet.

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