Luster Max Plus 20 Reasons

  1. Provides easier ice removal
  2. Waterproofs concrete internally as well as externally
  3. Makes concrete virtually impermeable
  4. Reduces dusting
  5. Provides a more abrasion and crack resistant surface
  6. Provides internal humidity stability and restricts vapors transmission
  7. Increases strengths
  8. Improves fungus and mildew resistance
  9. Remains resilient during movement
  10. Enhances surface bonding quality
  11. Improves thermal and acid-chemical resistance
  12. Eliminates or significantly retards efflorescence
  13. Eliminates internal water migration
  14. Provides increased density
  15. Resists oil while repelling water
  16. Enhances surface traction
  17. Resists freeze-thaw damage
  18. Lowers chemical reaction and creep deformation potential
  19. Requires no special surface maintenance
  20. Preserves concrete's integrity

Luster Max Plus will improve your concrete inside and out.  Try it and see!

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