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LUSTER MAX PLUS is a high-quality, proprietary formula aqueous acryl ate dispersion with an effective water repellent additive, that when applied and fully dried / cured, develops into a strong, durable, flexible, and breathable film-coating which adheres tenaciously to clean bare surfaces, i.e., concrete, drywall, powerwall, masonry, metal, wood, etc. LUSTER MAX PLUS is non-flammable, odorless, penetrating coating that will dry to a clear attractive finish.


LUSTER MAX PLUS provides a highly attractive finish that is extremely durable. LUSTER MAX PLUS was developed to protect today's decorative concrete surfaces and to provide the same protection to plain, grey concrete. LUSTER MAX PLUS is similar to LUSTER MAX, in that it provides a tough breathable membrane coating, yet has the SURFACE SEAL's highly desirable feature of making surfaces more stain resistance. (For more information on LUSTER MAX and/or SURFACE SEAL, refer to their Technical Data Sheets.)

LUSTER MAX PLUS helps to maintain cleaner surfaces and preserve the original appearance of the treated surface for much longer period of time. LUSTER MAX PLUS prevents the penetration of water, liquids and other contaminants into the treated surfaces. LUSTER MAX PLUS is an excellent waterproofer that will improve fungus and mildew resistance. LUSTER MAX PLUS also significantly retards efflorescence while imparting significant additional resistance against freeze-thaw damage, such as cracking, spalling, etc.. LUSTER MAX PLUS will bridge non-working cracks, enhance surface bonding quality and it will also enhance the surface traction quality.


LUSTER MAX PLUS application may be made using almost any convenient method, i.e., paint roller, brush, sprayer, flood-on and spread with a roller or squeegee, and etc. LUSTER MAX PLUS, applied as a film, is recommended applied as thinly as is practical for optimal strength development. If a thick film membrane is desired, the water repellant additive in LUSTER MAX PLUS could affect the bonding of additional applications, we recommend first using SSC to achieve desired thickness. Once the desired film membrane thickness is achieved with LUSTER MAX, then apply LUSTER MAX PLUS as a final coat. LUSTER MAX PLUS drying time varies due to application thickness, temperature, ambient drying factors, and etc. LUSTER MAX PLUS should not be applicated when temperature falls below 55*F, due to extremely slow drying. Dryness can be ascertained by testing LUSTER MAX PLUS tackiness, since dried SSC is not tacky. A minimum of 24 hours drying / curing time, following application, should be allowed for strength development before allowing heavy-duty service / traffic.


  1. Incidental contact with LUSTER MAX PLUS is not hazardous, protective clothing is not necessary.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes, if eye contact is made rinse thoroughly with water, and should irritation develop get medical attention.
  3. If ingested drink water, induce vomiting, and seek medical attention.
  4. Protect areas not intended for coverage.
  5. Do not apply LUSTER MAX PLUS when ambient temperature drops below 55F or above 100F.


  • Product Type: Acryl ate aqueous dispersion
  • PH Range: 7-8
  • VOS/VOC Content: Insignificant trace of VOC
  • Color: Milky-White
  • Dried Color: Clear
  • Specific Gravity: 1.04
  • Elongation at 3 & 10 Mils:  100% to 4-500%
  • Flash Point: None
  • Fire Decomposition Products: CO, CO2, NOX
  • Solids Content: 25-30
  • Freeze Point: 32*F
  • Freeze Harm: Possible
  • Storage Temperature Minimum: 50*F (10*C)

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