Self-Leveling Topping

Some Advantages of Acon Self-Leveling Topping

  • Mix with sand and cement to create and extreme hard, durable topping
  • Can be mixed thin or thick for use as a self-leveling or trowel-on grout
  • Reduces moisture vapor transmission
  • Provides extra strength, integrity and flexibility
  • Provides an optimum finish on subfloors for adhesive bondability
  • Waterproofs concrete, yet allows it to breath and move
  • Balances pH levels
  • Provides Chemical/Acid resistant
  • Easy to use and safe to apply
  • Remains resilient
  • Long Lasting

ACON Self-Leveling Topping is also

  • User Friendly
  • Odorless
  • Waterborne
  • Non=Flammable
  • Environmentally Safe



Direction for Use

Note: Always start with a clean bare floor.  Remove all residual adhesives, dirt, grease, curing compounds similar, etc.

  1. Mix proportion: Add to each gallon SLT , Base Solution: 3 to 6 pounds of portland cement and an equal amount of clean, washed sand (3 pounds each produces a thin toping; 6 pounds each creates a grout-like consistency).
  2. Mix procedures: Add cement to SLT. Mix continuously until it reaches a smooth consistency (no lumps).  Now add sand and mix until free of lumps.  Immediately wash mixing equipment.
  3. Aply mix at the rate of 75 to 300 square feet per gallon (depending on profile of floor),  Pour enough mixture on floor and set self-level, or spread uniformly, depending on fluidity.
  4. Let dry to a non-tacky state, so soft-soled shoes don’t mark it.  Good ventilation / heat accelerate drying time.


  1. Protect areas not intended for coverage, as product is very difficult to remove late.  If contact occurs, remove immediately with water and rags.
  2. Do not apply when ambient temperature drops below 55 degrees F.
  3. SLT has a minor, almost insignificant trace of VOC.
    Incidental skin contact is not hazardous, but ingestion or eye contact should be avoided.
  4. For more information read the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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