WP-200 is an environmentally advanced preservative system that is copper-free, chromium-free and arsenic-free liquid solution that is very effective in the everyday protection against possible environmental damage.  WP-200’s ingredients penetrate deep into the cellular structure of the wood, which when dry will provide extraordinary protection to the treated material.  This protection of WP-200 comes from a special blend of ingredients that renders the treated wood material useless as a food source for termites and other insects, thereby avoiding damage caused by these organisms.

WP-200 treated material is ideal for use where other untreated materials would decay, form fungus, mildew, algae, airborne pollutants, insects, and etc.  Furthermore, WP-200 deeply penetrates, dries clear and exceeds environmental requirements.  WP-200 may be used on either horizontal or vertical surfaces, and WP-200 can be used on all types of wood.  New wood treated with WP-200 usually takes on a richer golden appearance, following a WP-200 treatment.

WP-200 preservative system is not a restricted use pesticide and does not meet the definition of hazardous waste.  As a result, fewer environmental restrictions apply.  No special EPA precautions apply to handling the wood.

Some Advantages of WP-200

  • Provides long term protection from rot, decay and termite attach
  • Does not contain arsenic, chromium or other hazardous preservatives
  • Seals out water / moisture
  • Prevents insect attaches
  • Stabilizes color
  • Non-corrosive
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can apply by pressure-impregnation or by submersion in WP-200 solution
  • Can be applied by other easy and safe methods
  • Prevents/greatly alleviates warping
  • Prevents/greatly alleviates cracking
  • Prevents/greatly alleviates shrinkage
  • Prevents/greatly alleviates age discoloring
  • Prevents mold and algae growth
  • Is safe, waterborne
  • Greatly exceeds environmental standards
  • Wood scraps can be disposed of by ordinary trash collection
  • Wood scraps can be incinerated, if desired
  • Non-Toxic following application and drying.

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